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Egun Omode Information and Bios

Egun Omode (children of the ancestors) is Trenton, NJ's own West African dance & drum, Yoruba folklore performing arts group. Our company extends from The Garvey School/Egun Omode Shule, an African-centered independent school in Trenton. As African-centered educators, musicians and life-long students of African culture, Egun Omode brings the authenticity and excitement of West African culture and tradition to the stage.

Musically directed by Foluso Mimy, Dance Africa's (NY) resident drummer, Egun Omode provides the authentic sound of the djembe orchestra, musically extending beyond Mali/Guinea/Ivory coast rhythms. We also incorporate sabar drums from Senegambia, Capoeira-Angola martial arts from Angola/Brazil and the dundun (talking drum) from Nigeria. Egun Omode is joined by, nationally known storyteller, Queen Nur, legendary hip-hop artist Wise Intelligent (Poor Righteous Teachers), and Alpha Diop, who has drummed with Maimouna Keita and Kankouran West African Dance Company.

Makeda Kemit, the Mama of Drama or Artistic Director, has been West African dancing since the age of 3. By the age of 10, Makeda had traveled to Senegal as a member Maimouna Keita, under the direction of internationally known master teacher Marie Bass-Wiles and was assistant Artistic Director of Timbuktu Dancers and Drummers. She has written, choreographed and directed 2 dynamic African dance and drum musical productions, "The Journey," which premiered in May, 2012, "5 Pumpkin Seeds," premiered in May, 2013, and "The Cowtail Switch" premiered in December, 2013. "The Journey" and Egun Omode headlined the Atlanta African Dance and Drum Festival in Atlanta, GA (July, 2012), and we just recently traveled to Guinea, West Africa on a month-long exclusive training with world renown Master Dance teacher Youssouf Koumbassa.

The Cowtail Switch: Meet the cast (Dec, 2013)

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"Awa ni/Wula" (Official Music Video) from the soundtrack "5 Pumpkin Seeds"