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A curriculum is an ever evolving construct that could never fully be articulated in a document. As an african-centered school, we believe that our entire institution is the curriculum, i.e., our unity circle, uniforms, community activities, speaking African languages, burning incense, playing Coltrane in the classrooms, home school environment, etc. Since parents are generally concerned with the types of courses we teach, below is a list of the core curriculum courses teach at our institution. However, at The Garvey School/Egun Omode Shule, our courses are taught from an African-centered perspective. Essentially, our classes are unique because of the strength of our teachers and the quality of their African-centered reality and experiences. Our teachers are the curriculum!! The worldly experiences, travel, and first-hand study (in addition to traditional teacher training) of our teachers is the force that propels the facilitation of our curriculum.

Language Arts
Our Story (not HIS story)
Foreign Languages

  • K-Swahili
  • Yoruba
  • MDW NTR (or Medu Netcher aka Hieroglyphics)

African Dance
African Druk
Capoeira-Angola Martial Arts
Agriculture/Community Gardening